Peaty's LinkLube Wet 60ml

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What is it? LinkLube Wet weather chain lube is a bespoke blend of oils, waxes & powerful corrosion inhibitors that will give you a super smooth, hyper-durable, quiet running chain in the wettest and filthiest riding conditions. Wet VS All Weather - What's the difference? LinkLube Wet is a higher viscosity blend of waxes and oils with a higher concentration of waxes and corrosion inhibitors compared to LinkLube All-Weather. The high wax concentration makes LinkLube Wet much quieter and smoother running, whilst also lasting much longer than LinkLube All-Weather on long rides in the wettest conditions. Features Readily biodegradable. Blend of wax and oils. Irish coffee scented to keep you going on long winter nights. Designed for long rides in wet, filthy conditions. Smoked black bottle visually differentiate from the rest of the range. Available in 15ml, 60ml and 120ml. Packed in shelf ready POS boxes in quantities of 12 per box.

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