Peaty's Peatys - Loam Foam 1Ltr Offer - Nov19




Peatys - Loam Foam 1Ltr Offer - Nov19

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Get your bike gleaming clean and ready to hit the trails again with the fantastic Loam Foam from Peaty's. This one-litre cleaning solution is a power-packed way to revitalise your bike, removing dirt, mud, and grime rapidly. Unlike other cleaning products, Loam Foam is entirely biodegradable, going easy on our planet without skimping on cleaning strength.

  • A professional grade bike cleaner made for the toughest off road grime.
  • A special foam technology to drive cleaning power deep into the dirt.
  • Safe for use on all bike surfaces, including disc brakes and pads.
  • No need to pre-rinse your bike – simply spray, wait, and rinse clean!

Please note that Loam Foam is a potent cleaner, and certain precautions should be taken during use. Avoid contact with eyes and do not ingest. The solution should not be used on hot surfaces, or left to dry in direct sunlight. Always keep the product out of reach from children. Take a moment to read the full Safety Data Sheetfor further information.

This exclusive offer packs in 24 bottles of one-litre Loam Foam, offering a fantastic 60% margin. Don't wait up – seize the opportunity and give your bike the cleansing treatment it deserves!