Polisport T500 Thermal Bottle Black Grey 500ml





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Stay hydrated on the move with the Polisport T500, a revolutionary thermal bottle that fuses convenience with high-end functionality. Sporting an enhanced capacity tucked neatly into a compact structure, the T500 delivers an excellent squeeze and an impressive thermal capacity of 4 hours. Smaller than typically bulky thermal bottles, it effortlessly blends style and substance to equip you with optimal hydration during your summer cycling excursions and outdoor ventures.

The dual-use Polisport T500 fluidly switches between being an efficient thermal bottle, keeping your beverages refreshingly cool during sizzling summer days, and a standard bottle with a boosted capacity up to 650 ml. The thermal option, retaining a capacity of 500 ml, ensures a comfortable sip at all times, even under an exterior temperature of 23°C ― the internal temperature of the liquid will merely shift from 5°C to 15°C. The key to its exceptional thermal prowess lies in the inbuilt foam with an aluminium layer which maintains the temperature over extended durations.

Further enhancing its versatility, the protective cap offers a convenient option during adventurous cycling trails, gym sessions, extended walks, or hikes ― so you're never left parched!

  • Constructed from BPA-free materials for your health and safety
  • Adheres to strict Food Contact Regulations: Regulation 10/2011
  • Product dimensions: Height - 223mm / 8.78", Width - Ø74 mm / 2.91"
  • Capacities: Thermal - 500ml / 16.91fl oz | Standard - 650ml / 21.98fl oz
  • Impeccable thermal capacity, lasting up to 4 hours