Topeak Modula Java Cage

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Quench your thirst on-the-go with the Topeak Modula Java Cage. Designed specifically with the needs of busy cyclists in mind, it is the perfect solution for carrying your morning cup of coffee or refreshing cold beverage during your ride.

This unique bottle cage puts an end to lukewarm liquids on your journey, allowing you to enjoy your favourite drink the way you like it - whether that be piping hot or refreshingly cold. With its fully adjustable height and diameter, the Modula Java Cage is suitable for different sizes of tumblers or mugs.

No need to worry about your drink spilling as you ride; the robust rubber securing strap ensures that no coffee or water will slip out. Plus, weighing only 120g, this bike accessory won't weigh you down.

The dimensions of this product make it perfectly versatile for a range of tumbler or mug sizes. The standard model fits those with a height of 175-240mm, lower diameter of 60-78mm, and upper diameter of 75-90mm. On the other hand, the slim model fits those with a height of 165-185mm, lower diameter of 58-68mm, and upper diameter of 60-78mm.

The Topeak Modula Java Cage is a must-have accessory for any commuting cyclist, recreational biker, or fitness enthusiast who needs their favourite beverage on the move. Discover the difference Topeak bike accessories can make on your cycling experience today!