Topeak Ninja Master Cage SK


Ninja Master Cage SK

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Satiate your thirst on-the-go with the 'Topeak Ninja Master Cage SK', an essential accessory for your cycling adventures. Sitting under the Bottle Cages category, this product is expertly crafted to suit a wide array of bike frames.

Conveniently versatile, this reversible cage allows easy access to your water bottle from either side. This feature is particularly beneficial for full suspension or smaller size frames, where accessing the bottle can prove to be a challenge.

The Topeak Ninja Master Cage SK is made from an engineering grade polymer, making it robust and durable to withstand various riding conditions. It is designed to fit standard water bottles, ensuring compatibility with your current bottle portfolio.

Infused with ninja-like agility, this product encompasses Topeak's trademarked QuickClick mount making the attachment and removal of the cage to the bike a breeze. The overall dimensions are concise at 14.7x8.3x7.3cm, resulting in a sleek addition to your ride that doesn't hinder performance.

Incredibly light at just 40g, the Topeak Ninja Master Cage SK will not add significant weight to your bike, helping to maintain optimal speed and control en route.

Upgrade your biking performance with the Topeak Ninja Master Cage SK, the perfect hydration companion for your gruelling treks and leisurely rides.