DMR - Sect Grip - Grey





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Redefine your cycling experience with the DMR Sect Grip. Engineered by the reputable brand, DMR Bikes, this grip is designed to enhance control and comfort for dirt jumps and park rides, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Distinct in design, the DMR Sect Grip utilises the iconic mushroom pattern. This pattern offers a supreme level of comfort, minimising hand fatigue so you can extend those pedal-pushing adventures. Uniquely, a thumb patch has been incorporated where traditional mushroom grips typically wear out first, consequently making this grip more durable and long-lasting.

Unlike conventional grips, the DMR Sect Grip eliminates the bulge at the end, enabling you to catch the bars right at the end of the grip. This polished feature ensures a smooth finish to your ride, and prompts optimal performance each time, every time.

Thinking of using metal bar plugs? Don't let that deter you, for this grip accommodates adaptability. Simply slice off the end and achieve the customised fit you desire. Intended to maximise comfort and enhance your cycling journey, the DMR Sect Grip is certain to boost your biking endeavours.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can stand out with the DMR Sect Grip? Experience the difference today.