Ergon GC1 Biokork

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Delight in the natural feel and superior comfort of the GC1 Biokork, expertly crafted by Ergon. This grip perfectly caters to cyclists with backwards-swept bars, offering impeccable support and enhanced grip. The GC1 Biokork utilises Ergon's innovative bioKork technology, blending nature with advanced engineering to bring you an unrivalled cycling accessory.

The GC1 Biokork gives duty to the unique attributes of cork, known for being antibacterial and hypoallergenic. But the advantages don’t stop there! Cork's innate damping qualities eliminate vibration and offer a grip material like no other. Additionally, the low-density characteristic of cork makes for a lighter grip, ensuring optimal comfort on your rides without adding unnecessary weight to your bike.

This grip skilfully uses 40% cork sourced from eco-friendly forests in Portugal, certified for their environmentally sustainable production methods. This nod to nature does not end here – the inner core of the grip is reinforced with natural fibre, making up 40% of its mass. Away from the norm of mineral oil, the palm section uses a vegetable oil-based gel, enhancing the natural connection between rider and bike.

The GC1 Biokork is a testament to Ergon's "GreenLab" initiative, blending environmentally friendly materials with high-quality bike accessory design. Amplify your cycling experience with this lightweight, eco-friendly grip that offers both endurance and comfort on your rides.

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