Ergon GP1 Biokork

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The popular GP1, but with theÊfeel and comfort of natural cork.182g per pairWhy Biokork?The unique qualities of cork means thatÊit is antibacterial and hypoallergenic.ÊCorkÕs natural damping qualities alsoÊmake it an ideal grip material, and itsÊlow density mean the resulting gripÊis a lot lighter. The BioKork grips useÊ40% cork, sourced from sustainableÊforests in Portugal which is certifiedÊfor its ecologically sound production.This ecological theme is continuedÊthroughout the rest of the grip. TheÊinner core is plastic reinforced usingÊnatural fi bre, which make up 40% of itsÊmass. In place of mineral oil, the gel inÊthe palm section of the grip is vegetableÊoil based. It is all a result of ErgonÕsÊÒGreenLabÓ initiative.

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