Ergon GP3 BioKork

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Indulge in an elevated cycling experience with the Ergon GP3 BioKork grip. Designed with ergonomic precision and sustainability at its core, this product guarantees to enhance your riding comfort while staying gentle on the environment.

Featuring innovative Biokork technology, the GP3 BioKork incredibly lightweight at 255 grams for the pair, attributing to cork's naturally low density. The poignant use of cork also provides an exceptional level of damping to absorb road or trail vibrations, ensuring a smoother ride and reducing hand fatigue.

Cork’s inherent antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties add an additional layer of comfort and safety for the riders, minimizing skin irritation during long journeys or intense rides.

Being faithful to its commitment towards ecological sustainability, Ergon has ensured that the 40% cork used in these grips comes from sustainably managed forests in Portugal, certified for their eco-friendly production methods. The core of the grip is fortified with nature-sourced plastic, accented with a natural fibre to enhance its strength and resilience.

The palm section of the grip is enriched with a gel that utilises vegetable oil as its base, as opposed to traditional mineral oil, signifying Ergon's dedicated 'GreenLab' initiative in environmental conservation.

Experience the perfect blend of ergonomic comfort, efficiency and ecological responsibility with the Ergon GP3 BioKork grip. It is not just a choice; it's a lifestyle upgrade.