Ergon GS1 Evo

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Introducing the GS1 Evo from Ergon. Designed with modern urban cyclists in mind, this grip boasts a sporty edge and superior comfort that perfectly complements your cycling adventures. It's more than just a grip - it's a game changer.

These grips are tuned to provide optimum comfort for a variety of riding styles, from casual fitness rides to fast-paced touring. Hand discomfort that accompanies athletic fitness rides is a thing of the past with the GS1 Evo. The unique ergonomic shape and rubber firmness of these grips have been fine-tuned to suit athletic fitness riding and touring, ensuring pure riding enjoyment.

Featuring three gripping zones for the finger, palm, and thumb, the GS1 Evo offers you full control over your ride, improving safety and boosting your riding confidence. Moreover, it effectively reduces the risk of overbending the wrist and possible development of carpal tunnel syndrome, further ensuring a healthier and more comfortable riding experience.

Whether you are a touring enthusiast, fitness freak, E-Bike commuter, or MTB-Tour enthusiast, the GS1 Evo from Ergon can significantly elevate your riding experience. This product is designed, developed, and manufactured in Germany, reflecting the superior quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Turn your ride into an experience with the Ergon GS1 Evo. Say goodbye to numbness, stress, and hand aches, and say hello to comfort.