ODI CF BMX MTB Lock On Grips 135mm

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Suitable for both BMX and MTB applications, the ODI CF Lock On Grips are created for riders that do not compromise on quality or performance. These grips afford you the control and durability that your bike needs. Coming from the trusted ODI brand, you are assured of the grips' top-tier construction and excellent performance.

The CF Lock On Grips feature an intricately engraved pattern, offering an optimal balance between giving you the feedback you need and maintaining control. Unique inverted finger cut-outs add improved grip when needed. The grips also feature a 2.1 Version Single Clamp Lock-On System that ensures your grips stay where you need them to be, reducing slip and improving your ride stability.

In addition, the grips come with a louvered inside palm section that provides added cushioning to ensure comfort during long rides or rough trails. One of the standout features of these grips is their carbon fibre reinforced ends which prevent common grip blowouts.

Purchase your ODI CF Lock On Grips today and transform your ride with enhanced control, comfort, and durability.