Electra Classic Faux Leather Tool Bag


Ride with style and practicality with the Electra Classic Faux Leather Tool Bag. This accessory does more than just carry your essentials - it elevates your cycling experience. Crafted from 100% PVC-coated Polyester, it blends durability with a polished aesthetic that speaks of timeless elegance.

The bag easily fits on Electra saddles with rear hooks, ensuring your tools are within easy reach. Alternatively, secure it onto the handlebars for versatile accommodation of your riding essentials.

The bag comes with the benefit of magnetic closures - say goodbye to fumbling with annoying zips when you need quick access. The secure seal keeps your items safe and free from exposure to the harsh outdoor environment, increasing the longevity of your tools and other items.

Beyond functionality, the tool bag compels a unified aesthetic. The Electra Classic Faux Leather Tool Bag is part of a matching range that includes a saddle, grips, and carrying handle, allowing you to seamlessly coordinate your cycling ensemble.

This is not merely a tool bag, but a statement of refined taste and an appreciation for the finer details in cycling accessories. Dress your ride in the Classic Faux Leather Tool Bag by Electra and enjoy the combination of practicality and sophistication.