Peaty's LinkLube All-Weather 60ml Bottle - Box of 12



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Unleash the power and efficiency of your bike with Peaty's LinkLube All-Weather lube. This premium chain oil not only lubricates your chain but simultaneously cleans it as you cycle. Ideal for use in all weather conditions, the LinkLube ensures a smooth and reliable ride every time - rain or shine.

But how does it work? When the LinkLube is at rest, the bottle will display clear and mysterious blue layers. The blue layer, or as we call it, the "secret sauce", is a compound of oils and waxes, usually found only in either dry or wet lubes. However, Peaty's lab innovation has fused them into one super lube; this means the LinkLube provides long-lasting protection and remains clean even in dry, dusty conditions.

Shaking up the LinkLube facilitates the clear layer, the water-displacing, anti-corrosive agent, to merge with the secret sauce. When applied to your chain, it delves into all the tiny spaces in your chain, driving out any moisture, grit, and grime, and leaves behind the secret sauce to reduce friction, vibration and drivetrain noise. This two-part formulation ensures your chains remain squeaky clean inside and out!

If you're wondering about those seemingly clean chains turning black once applied with LinkLube, fret not! This is just the power of LinkLube pushing out concealed grime from your chains. After a few rides and re-application of LinkLube, you'll be on a clean, efficient chain in no time!

Remember - to get the most out of Peaty's LinkLube, make sure your drivetrain is fully degreased before application. A well-shaken bottle of LinkLube will evenly distribute the secret sauce and ensure every nook and cranny of your chain is reached. After applying, keep cycling the chain for about 10 seconds to let the lube penetrate into your chain completely. Finally, wipe away any excess lube using a clean cloth, and voila! Your chain is ready to face any weather condition.

Cautions: Avoid getting the LinkLube on your brakes or brake pads for absolute safety while riding.