Peaty's LinkLube Dry 15ml Bottle - Box of 12



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Introducing Peaty's LinkLube Dry, a superior, biodegradable bike chain lubricant designed specifically for use in dry, dusty conditions. This wax-based chain lube provides you with a long-lasting, clean-running and whisper-quiet chain performance that stands out among its competitors. This innovative product is a perfect match for desert climates and mildly moist surroundings. Navigate through challenging terrains with ease with Peaty's LinkLube Dry's unique formula.

On par with the best, our unique formula delivers an exceptional blend of waxes suspended in a water-based emulsion. Offering superior performance, it stands as a testament to the innovative strides of Peaty’s when it comes to impeccable chain lubrication. An ideal choice for dry conditions, the wax fill offers a hard, slippery coating to your chain links and rollers, providing an extended performance on trails and leaving your chain dry to the touch, ensuring that dust and dirt do not stick to it.

Staying true to delivering uncompromised performance in all circumstances, the first time you apply LinkLube Dry, we ask you to ensure your bike's drivetrain is well-degreased and dry. An amazingly clean and properly lubed chain ensures an enhanced biking experience. For maximum performance, ensure thorough rinsing with clean water after degreasing and let it dry fully before application. Please see the ‘tell me more’ section on how to dissolve stubborn factory greases for a smooth ride.

Application of LinkLube Dry on the inside face of the chain is recommended. The distinct light blue colour of our lube provides a visual guide to make sure every link is properly lubricated. After application, keep the chain cycling for about 20 seconds to ensure the lube penetrates fully into the pins and rollers. The water evaporation process can take from a few minutes in hot conditions, up to a few hours in cold and damp weather. For best results, apply it the night before.

Please note - Avoid getting LinkLube on your brakes or brake pads!

Upgrade your bike’s performance with Peaty's LinkLube Dry. More than just a lube, it’s a lifestyle.