Squirt Bike Cleaner 750ml Spray with 3x Sachet

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Same eco-friendly cleaning, less plasticWhy a sachet? Our new 30ml Super Concentrate Sachet aims to reduce single-use plastic waste associated with our existing bike cleaner products by as much as 12 times. The formula of the new Super Concentrate is based on our existing Bike Cleaner and is biodegradable and not harmful to the environment when used as intended.Better value, healthier environment. The size of the new sachet means that the weight of crates and the resulting transport and shipping emissions will be significantly reduced, and that the product can be offered to the end-user at a more competitive price-per-use than before. Each 30ml sachet will also reduce the volume of water being shipped out of a water-scarce area by as much as 90% when compared with our existing 1litre concentrate.Squirt Cycling Products believes that apart from our products being of the highest quality and efficacy, we now also offer the end-user the opportunity to make a conscious decision in favour of our effort to reduce pollution, reduce harm to the environment, and to help slow the progression of climate change.- 1x sachet makes 1x 750ml wash- Spray Bottle Size: 750ml- Sachet QTY: 3- Sachet Size: 30ml - Each sachet makes 750ml cleaner