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Discover the joy of cycling with the sophisticated, ANT+ enabled RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer from BONTRAGER. This sleek device is engineered to be user-friendly, boasting a swift setup process and easy ANT+ sensor pairing so you can connect and start your ride in no time.

The device features a 2" easy-to-read screen that promises unparalleled clarity. Not only does it offer a programmable backlight, but also a customisable Tri-field display that allows you to view three functions simultaneously. Regardless of your riding preferences, this cycling computer accommodates, letting you monitor your speed, cadence, heart rate, and power.

For those looking to keep their cycling statistics in check, this cycling computer displays a variety of additional information. From Trek Certified Service reminders based on your chosen bicycle type to data on distance (trip/total), time (clock, timer), and calories burned, this device keeps you up-to-date with comprehensive data about your ride.

The RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer ensures optimal functionality with features like auto start/stop, auto clear and auto light control. Use its customisable hands-free scan modes to keep your hands firmly on the handles whilst maintaining easy operation of the device.

The quirks don't stop there. This device includes an elegant out-front mount and is also seamlessly Blendr-compatible. It necessitates an ANT+ compatible sensor such as DuoTrap S or Interchange Combo Sensor for operation.

With the RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer by BONTRAGER, boost your bicycle experience with compact features and intuitive, real-time tracking. Whether you're an avid cyclist or a casual rider, this device is a game-changer.