SDG Junior Pro Kit Black

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Ready to take your children's riding adventures to the next level? The industry's first all-in-one premium youth components upgrade kit is here - skillfully engineered and manufactured for the little shredder in the family! SLATER JR GRIPS Most junior grips are simply just shortened adult grips that are far too thick for little hands. By tooling a unique bar that offers 19mm bar ends, the Slater Jr grip offers a better riding experience, while not sacrificing the comfort by using a thinner grip. 1 Piece, Integrated Lock-On Grip. Dual Density Design. Smaller 25-26mm outer diameter with 19mm inner diameter. 115mm Length. Tapered and Slotted Core to eliminate slippage. Plush SDG Icon pattern for superior grip control and vibration dampening. Weight: 55g. Grips only fit 19mm bar ends. SLATER HANDLEBAR The Slater 650 bar was developed for optimal ergonomics. It features a 31.8mm mount, but uniquely tapers to 19mm (standard bar ends are 22.2mm) to accommodate thinner grips such as the SDG Slater Jr. 19mm diameter bar ends exclusively fits smaller grips for. optimal ergonomics. 650mm bar offers ample width for increased bar control. 6061 Sand Blasted Aluminum. 31.8mm Clamp. 20mm Rise, 8° back sweep, 5° up sweep. Weight: 310g. FLY JR SADDLE The Fly Jr was the industry's first branded performance MTB saddle designed specifically for youth riders in mind. Industry first junior specific performance saddle. Anatomically Researched and Designed “ Shorter and Narrower than traditional saddle. 235mm x 122mm. Slight Rear Rise Design and Nose Platform. Fully Padded with Cordura Sides. Weight: 270g. SLATER PEDALS The Slater 90 pedal features a 90x90mm platform that is optimal for smaller feet. Unlike most children's pedals (plastic body, steel axle, loose ball bearing and injected molded pins that easily wear out in weeks), the Slater 90 pedal strikes a balance between those cheap disposable plastic pedals and the uber expensive machined aluminum ones. 90mm x 90mm Platform. Cro-Mo Axle. 6 rear loading, replaceable steel pins. Gripper profile for enhanced pedal traction. Fully sealed and lightweight DU Bushing design. Weight: 310g. SHIM KIT 4x 19mm-21mm cockpit shims. Easily mount all cockpit controls to SLATER Bar. Durable and lightweight nylon.