Ergon GC1

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Ergon's GC1: The Ultimate Comfort Solution for Cyclists!

Experience unparalleled comfort while cycling with Ergon's GC1, specially designed for bikes with backwards-swept bars. Traditional bicycle handlebars often cause wrist angle misalignment, leading to discomfort or even pain while riding. The Ergon GC1, a game-changer, resolves this problem, ensuring your rides are pain-free and thoroughly enjoyable.

By correcting the wrist angle, the GC1 helps to alleviate pressure points, optimising your riding posture and minimising discomfort. This ingenious design effectively supports your palms, allowing a more ergonomic grip. Whether you're riding cross-country or commuting in the city, the GC1 ensures your comfort is never compromised.

Lightweight at only 195g per pair, they're an upgrade that doesn't increase your handlebar weight. This means you can pedal for longer, and go further, without tiring your arms. With Ergon's GC1, you gain not just in riding comfort but also in distance and endurance.

Add Ergon's GC1 to your bike today and transform your cycling experience!

Key Features:
  • Designed for bikes with backwards-swept bars
  • Corrects wrist angle for an ergonomic and comfortable grip
  • Reduces pressure points and supports the rider's palm for enhanced comfort
  • Weighs only 195g per pair, ensuring they don't add unnecessary weight to handlebars.

Invest in Ergon's GC1 today and take a step towards more comfortable, more enjoyable rides!