FSA Power Touch Bar Tape

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Riding with comfort and control is the hallmark of the FSA's Power Touch Bar Tape. This highly sought-after item enhances your cycling experience by providing a smooth grip and reducing road vibration.

Constructed from a synthetic/natural cork hybrid, the Power Touch Bar Tape offers fantastic durability, longevity and plush comfort. An included gel layer on the inner side ensures optimum shock absorption, making those long rides less taxing on your hands and wrists.

The surface of the tape features an intricate textured design, which further facilitates better grip and hand traction, even in wet conditions. The elegance of this product is completed with the embossed FSA logo, which subtly adorns the black version of the tape. It's more than just a tape; it's a stylish statement.

Despite its robust structure and quality, the Power Touch Bar Tape tips the scales at a mere 74g. This lightweight design not only makes it convenient to install but also ensures that your handlebars don't feel heavy or clunky.

Choose the FSA Power Touch Bar tape to upgrade your cycling gear and contribute to a more enjoyable, safer ride!